alja košir

alja kosir

Graduated in 2014 from the Faculty of architecture, University of Ljubljana. Since then I have been dedicated to researching all the layers of architecture – from urban planning to interior design (as a practitioner) and through different media – film, television, exhibitions, print and online publications – as an architectural critic.


After my first publication – a review of works by one of the most prominent Slovenian urban planners, Vladimir Braco Mušič, published in the Slovenian daily Delo almost a decade ago – writing became a consistent part of my career. During this past decade I have published more than 300 articles, interviews and reviews for several professional magazines (Praznine, Hiše, Outsider), which culminated in my role at the Slovenian TV show Ambienti, where, for the past four years, I have acted as the key critic of the contemporary architectural production in Slovenia and the editor of the show’s online content.


oder Flow

In student years I have participated in several architectural competitions and received several awards: an honorable mention for the new building of the School centre Slovenj Gradec; 3. prize for the new building of the Kindergarten Kašelj; and first prize for the 360° balloon stage for the Festival Flow (in collaboration with Larisa Kazić, Nejc Lebar and Tea Kogovšek) – first erected in 2012 and in use to this day.

After completing my thesis on an ecological approach to urban regeneration, I have collaborated with SADAR+VUGA, where I gave been in charge of its research and PR projects (documentary film SADAR+VUGA XX, exhibition at the Chicago architectural biennial, etc.) and coordination of some of their projects.

Today I work as a freelance architect, combining all of the layers of architecture – from theory to practice, from urbanism to interior design, from academic research to construction site visits.